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ISO operation agent

ISO operational representation is a service that provides advice, jointly implements improvement activities, and partially acts on behalf of the client for the purpose of conducting ISO continuing audits (surveillance and renewal audits).

Purpose of ISO surveillance and renewal audits

It is a periodic review of your quality management system to ensure that it conforms to the requirements of the ISO standard and is continually improved.

For this purpose, ISO certified customers must present the following to an external audit organization:

  • Provide information about your company to demonstrate compliance with the standard
  • Presentation of records necessary to verify conformance
  • Corrective action plans and periodic reviews based on nonconformity reports

ISO Operation Services

1. ISO (QMS) secretariat support

In supporting the ISO Secretariat, MASON will report on the progress of the ISO Secretariat's schedule and review the results of monitoring, and determine whether the PDCA cycle is properly implemented to improve the maturity level of business quality. If improvements are necessary, MASON will report the analysis results and jointly implement improvement activities.

2. Quality Target Management

MASON sets targets for the quality and security levels required by ISO, and conduct predictive management of targets. In ISO continuing audits, target management is a fundamental part of ISO and is one of the most important elements of the audit. MASON provides factual support to help the auditor to be convinced.

3. Internal Audit Support

MASON's internal audits are based on the best practices client's competitors and the internal audit policy to create a customized quality assessment, environment assessment, and security assessment checklist. Internal audits are conducted by MASON’s ISO Lead Auditor level consultants and improvement plans are jointly developed.

4. Support for preparation and execution of management reviews

The Management Review is an annual activity that is a prerequisite for passing the external audit. The management review is an essential activity that indicates management's involvement in ISO. MASON provides full support in gathering all necessary input information, seeking instructions and decisions from management, and compiling them into a record.

5. Checking the latest regulations and researching guidelines for quality standards of your industry association

MASON monitors the latest trends in laws and regulations related to management systems and guidelines of industry associations to determine if the quality management system needs to be reviewed and revise various documents as necessary.

6. Witnessing the examination

MASON will attend the audit as an external consultant, and if the clients are at a loss to determine how to respond to the questions from the ISO auditor, MASON’s consultant will advise the clients so that they can respond accurately based on various documents. In addition, when an ISO auditor points out a nonconformity or observation, MASON will confirm the basis for the point and propose a quick-response preventive measure to prevent a recurrence, thereby preventing a significant increase in the client's response man-hours due to corrective actions.

7. ISO Regular Training (for ISO Secretariat and Employees)

To achieve continuous quality improvement, MASON provides regular training opportunities for the ISO office and employees. Training can be provided in E-Learning format, web conferencing, or on-site group training which are customized to meet the clients' needs. Through ongoing training, as described below, MASON will help the clients understand quality control, and ultimately provide consistent support until quality improvement becomes an established part of the clients' business.

MASON provides services tailored to the customers' needs. Please contact us.

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