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Infrastructure servicesIT Infrastructure Development Service

IT Infrastructure Development Service

IT Infrastructure Development Service Overview

One-stop service from business system construction to implementation
MASON provides a one-stop service from handover to IT maintenance vendor to operation and establishment of operations.

We provide one-stop service from construction to implementation of office systems, IT infrastructure, application infrastructure, and business systems. We also provide knowledge transfer (handover) to IT maintenance vendors as part of our operation and implementation services.


Implementing Knowledge Transfer (Handover) to IT Maintenance Vendors

One of the most important requirements of many IT departments is to achieve a smooth handover from the construction project to the operations team. In order to achieve a smooth handover, MASON promotes the active participation of project members, existing and new vendors from the handover planning phase to ensure that they fully understand the purpose and procedures of the handover for a certain period of time.


  • WorkSummary
  • Preparation for handover
    • Establish execution schedule
    • Resource and environment preparation
    • Document review and revision
    • Confirmation of tasks
  • Necessary Documents for handover Confirmation of documents
    • Execution of handover work
      Finalize schedule
    • Resource and environment preparation
    • Document confirmation and maintenance (creation)
    • Confirmation of tasks
  • Handover implementation
    • Review and create/update deliverables required for maintenance/operation work
    • The member to be transferred performs the maintenance/operation work, and the predecessor confirms the work.
  • Support for startup and establishment of operation
    Stabilization of maintenance operations
    • Review and create/update deliverables required for maintenance/operation work
Common problems encountered during handover Response details
Inadequate handover documents Prioritize documents required for handover and only those required and processes (e.g., operational work processes and procedures).
Not tied to documents
Many processes exist
Mapping the minimum documents and processes required for handover from the operational business process, and manualize/standardize the work in the handover implementation.
Security Rule Compliance Experts familiar with security rules are assigned to meet the requirements of each client.

MASON provides services tailored to the customers' needs. Please contact us.

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MASON has acquired ISO27001 certification.

MASON is committed to implementing security measures in accordance with the Guidelines for Information Security Measures for Small and Medium Enterprises.