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ISO45001ISO 45001 Certification

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What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 certification is an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems. The reason why certification is required is because occupational health and safety is a social issue that needs to be addressed in cooperation with the company's management, employees, customers, suppliers, and others.
To prove that customers have a reliable occupational health and safety management system in place, a wide range of companies from small or large scale, have obtained ISO 45001 certification.

In Japan, JIS Q 45100 "Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements and guidelines for use – Additional requirements for health and safety activities" were issued at the same time as ISO 45001 (JIS Q 45001). The purpose of this new standard is to add specific safety and health activities in Japan such as Hiyari-Hatto and KY activities to ISO 45001. Annex A of JIS Q 45100 is beneficial for organizing health and safety activities but the essence of occupational health and safety management system is management which includes the aforementioned safety culture, and this essence must always be prioritized.


1. Increased trust of customers and employees.
Continuously addressing occupational health and safety issues is a necessary activity for ISO 45001 certification and obtaining ISO 45001 certification directly leads to increased trust from customers, employees, and the society.
2. Reduction of accidents and disaster risks.
ISO 45001 manages "which departments are addressing occupational health and safety issues and how," based on the occupational safety policy, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and disasters in the workplace.
3. Raising employee awareness.
Increase in employees’ awareness on occupational health and safety improvements at the workplace and in the community through in-house training and other methods can be expected.

ISO 45001 Certification Flow

ISO 45001 certification consulting takes as short as 4 months.
There is an "Express Plan" for immediate acquisition, a "Standard Plan" for regular acquisition, and a "Full Outsource Plan" that provides total support for acquisition and operation. MASON can also customize our services to suit your schedule and propose the best support method.

1. Establishment of ISO System
  • Discussion of current workflow and procedures and identification of current issues.
  • Presentation of case studies of other companies in the same industry or type of business.
  • Formulate and document occupational health and safety quality policy.
2. Review of ISO Operation
  • Conduct training for internal auditors and issue certificates for internal audit committee members.
  • Internal Audits
  • Assistance in conducting management reviews
3. SO45001 External Audits
  • Pre-and post-ISO45001 acquisition audit support
4. Acquisition of ISO45001 certification and issuance of certificate of registration.
5. Post-ISO45001 Audits
  • Support for ISO45001 maintenance and renewal audits.

MASON's Service Plans

MASON offers three service plans to meet the customers’ needs and budget.

* MASON offers a co-creation plan with enhanced training for your employees.
* If the customers would like an immediate acquisition, MASON can obtain certification in as short as 3 months (Some prerequisites may apply.)

1. Co-creation Plan

This plan is the least expensive.
Recommended if the customers want to obtain certification at the lowest possible price.

Service Fee Period Additional Fee
980,000 yen Approx. 6 months None

2. Standard Plan

Document preparation service
Recommended if the customers want to minimize costs and reduce workload.

Service Fee Period Additional Fee
1,480,000 yen Approx. 4 months None

3. ISO Certification + 1-year Follow-up Services for recurring external audit

Recommended if the customers want to achieve not only acquisition of ISO but also stable ISO operation.

Service Fee Period Additional Fee
1,980,000 yen Approx. 18 months None

Features of MASON's Service Plans

100% ISO 45001 certification guaranteed.
Mason guarantees 100% success in obtaining certification. Even if unforeseen circumstances arise during the process, MASON will take full responsibility in assisting the customer in obtaining certification until it is completed.
MASON also creates quality manuals on the customers' behalf.
Mason will customize documents for the customer based on the customers’ current situation and examples from other companies and industries in the same industry, and based on all sample documents of "quality control manuals, regulations, forms, procedures, etc.".
MASON not only supports ISO acquisition, but also supports visualization of business processes.
MASON supports customers in the visualization of business processes by maximizing our wide-ranging management improvement know-hows cultivated through our ISO consulting services, which have been No. 1 in Japan. MASON will construct a management system that can be operated in accordance with the current level of the customers' business.

What is the level of awareness of occupational safety in Japan?

Japan has a low rate of occupational accidents in general but the number of fatal accidents is the same or slightly higher than in Europe and the United States.

Country Accident rate of 4 days or more of absence from work(Annual rate in thousands) Fatal injury rate (number of persons per 100,000)
Japan 2.4 2.1
U.S.A. 44.0 2.3
United Kingdom 11.4 1.3
Germany 32.8 2.1
France 40.2 3.4

What is the difference in the mindset about safety between Japan and Europe?

Although the incidence of workplace accidents in Japan is generally low, the level of awareness regarding workplace safety in Japan is not high.

  Japanese Perspective Western Perspective
Under what circumstances do work-related injuries occur? If you make an effort, it will never happen. Even if you make an effort, it will always happen regardless of the skill level.
Where are the main causes of industrial accidents? Human error Technology-induced error
Measures that tend to be prioritized. Prevention through the use of highly-skilled people. Prevention through the use of technology.
How safety assurance is perceived. Safety can be ensured by creating a management system, educating and training people, and enforcing regulations. People will always make mistakes so safety cannot be ensured without improving the technology being used.
Safety Cost Safety assurance has no cost. Safety assurance is costly.
Work-related injury indicators that are most important. Frequency rate
(Number of occurrences)
Intensity rate
(serious accidents)

How does it differ from OHSAS?

ISO 45001 was developed based on standards such as OHSAS 18001 and ILO-OGH 2001.
Therefore, if customers have OHSAS 18001, they will be able to obtain ISO 45001 certification.

ISO 45001 uses a similar framework with ISO management system standards, so the structure and definitions of terms are similar to other ISO standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This makes it possible to operate as an integrated management system if the customers have obtained or plan to obtain the existing ISO certifications.

MASON ISO45001 Migration Consulting from OHSAS

If the customers are already OHSAS 18001 certified, the customers will automatically be ISO 45001 certified.
MASON can support the customers transition to ISO 45001 in 4 months with the starting price of 700,000 yen.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Comparison of ISO45001 Acquisition Services

  MASON Competitors
Acquisition Guarantee
100% certification guaranteed
Guarantee with conditions
Number of visits
Limited number of visits
Visiting Hours
Visits available after 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, weekends, holidays, etc.
Weekday business hours only
Documentation Policy
Conduct interviews to understand the company's current status, etc., and create various documents based on the information gathered.
Adapt the standard model and the rules.
Difficulty in developing a Quality management system that meets the customers' needs.
MASON prepares all major documents, minimizing the burden on the customers.
Customers revise and rename the sample documents from other companies.
ISO Auditors
Active ISO 45001 auditors on staff
Extensive experience in ISO 45001 audit attendance
Consulting firms with only external auditor qualification in external audits.
All consultants are SME diagnosticians and from major consulting firms.
Schedule and deliverable images are very clear at the time of the proposal.
Retired consultants from Quality Control departments become contractors.
Specific deliverables cannot be clarified before the consultation.
Post-acquisition support
Acting as ISO secretariat for annual audits
One year of post-acquisition ISO operation and training for employees.
Many consulting services are only for acquisition.
After acquisition, the follow-up services are visitations and consultations only.

ISO45001 Operation Improvement Consulting

The most important aspect of ISO45001 is its operation after acquisition. The rules established at the time of acquisition must be properly adapted to the company's condition and the global standard. This situation leads to multiple concerns such as uncertainty about operational decisions or lack of knowledge on which rules should be reformed.

Therefore, Mason has prepared "ISO Operation Improvement Consulting" as an operation improvement plan. This ISO operation improvement consulting service which utilizes our knowledge and experience can provide three benefits to the customers.

Benefits of ISO Operation Improvement Consulting

Reduction of Internal Costs
Integration reduces in-house man-hours related to maintenance. Man-hours were reduced by nearly 30% for a customer.
Significant reduction in the number of pages of manuals.
A total of nearly 100 pages of manuals were reduced by nearly 70%.
Establishment of a management system that is suitable to the customers' current situation.
Establishment of an integrated management system that can be operated in accordance with the current level of the customers' business. MASON develops a management system that enables continuous business improvement.

Full support system for ISO operation improvement consulting.

Unlimited consultation on operational concerns via e-mail and telephone.
Customers can consult MASON with any questions or concerns related to the operation of ISO by e-mail without limitation.
Outsourcing of the ISO secretariat eliminates the risk of overlooking tasks through reduced volume of workload.
When the monthly task to be implemented, as determined by an internal document, comes around, the customers will receive an email confirming the implementation of the task. This eliminates the risk of overlooking the monthly ISO activities.
Can be applied for items pointed out during inspections.
The customers no longer have to worry about points raised during audits. MASON’s consultants are always available for consultation so they can respond even at short notice.
Customers can select the kind of support needed.
MASON provide on-site support for employee training and internal audits that must be conducted in the course of ISO operations.
* Visiting support course
Management consulting for business and operational reforms.
MASON not only complies with ISO standards and operate the system, but also support the development of a system that enables continuous review of the management system as well as business efficiency improvement and expansion while taking the customers’ business into account.

MASON provides services tailored to the customers' needs. Please contact us.

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