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JISQ9100JISQ9100 Certification

Information / Fees / Flow

What is JISQ9100?

JISQ9100 is based on quality management system standards developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group to enhance the quality and reliability of products and services intended for the aerospace industry. Certification to JISQ9100 automatically places a company in the database of the International Aerospace Quality Group, which is the same global standard for quality management systems in the aerospace industry.

For aerospace-related manufacturing companies in the U.S. and Europe, conformance to the JISQ9100 standard and obtaining third-party certification is a requirement of the contract. It can be said that obtaining JISQ9100 certification is essential for contracts with European and U.S. customers.

The Defense Agency, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and major Japanese companies also recommend acquisition of JISQ9100 certification. It is essential for companies seeking to enter the aerospace industry market not only in Japan but also in Europe and the United States.


1. Increased customer satisfaction.
JISQ9100 certification is also required to incorporate and to reflect customers’ requirements and acquisition of JISQ9100 certification will directly lead to increased customer satisfaction.
2. Enables a wide range of business development.
JISQ9100 certification exempts or simplifies audits of the customers, reducing administrative man-hours for both the customers and the organization.
3. Cost reduction can be attained.
JISQ9100 certification exempts or simplifies audits of the customers, reducing administrative man-hours for both the customers and the organization.
4. Establishment of an advanced quality management system, standardization, and streamlining of operations.
JISQ9100 is integrated with ISO9001 to achieve safe and reliable risk management.
Because it clarifies 'where, who, and what', "what is wasteful" and "what is not necessary" will be clearly defined, and what is necessary for the organization will be put in place.
5. Increase in employee awareness.
Internal communication is facilitated and it becomes clear who is doing what.

Flow of JISQ9100 Certification

MASON will be happy to discuss the customers' needs and arrange a meeting.
The minimum consultation period to obtain JISQ9100 certification is 8 months.

* MASON offers a co-creation plan with enhanced training for employees.
* If the customers would like an immediate acquisition, MASON can obtain certification in as short as 3 months (Some prerequisites may apply.)

1. Establishment of JISQ9100 System
  • Discussion of the current work flow and procedures and identification of current issues.
  • Presentation of case studies of other companies in the same industry and condition.
  • Aerospace quality policy development and documentation.
2. Review of JISQ9100 Operation
  • Conduct internal auditor training and issue certificates for internal audit committee members.
  • Internal Audits
  • Assistance in conducting management reviews
3. JISQ9100 External Audits
  • Pre- and post-JISQ9100 acquisition external audit support
4. Acquisition of JISQ9100 certification and issuance of certificate of registration.
5. Post-JISQ9100 Audits
  • Support for JISQ9100 maintenance and renewal audits.

MASON's Service Plans

MASON offers three service plans to suit the customers' needs and budget.

1. Standard Plan

Document preparation service
Recommended if the customers want to minimize costs and reduce workload.

Service Fee Period Additional Fee
1,200,000 yen Approx. 4 months None

2. Full Outsource Plan

One year of reliable support after JISQ9100 certificate acquisition.
Recommended if the customers are anxious about maintenance audits after obtaining ISO certification and want to establish ISO operations in-house.

Service Fee Period Additional Fee
1,600,000 yen Approx. 6 months None (for the first year after acquisition)

3. JISQ Acquisition + Business Standardization - Business Visualization

MASON can deliver not only ISO acquisition but also business process visualization.

Service Fee Period Additional Fee
2,200,000 yen Approx. 8 months None

Features of MASON's Service Plans

Extensive consulting experience
MASON supports customers with established know-how based on our consulting experience with supporting more than 840 companies to obtain ISO/JISQ9100 certification.
100% JISQ9100 Certification Guaranteed
MASON provides consulting services with a full guarantee of "JISQ9100 certification" so that the customers can work on the project without any worries.
Certification in as short as 8 months
MASON can also build a system to meet the customers’ needs in obtaining JISQ9100 certification in as short as 8 months.

JISQ9100 Operation Improvement Consulting

The most important aspect of JISQ9100 is its operation after acquisition. The rules established at the time of acquisition must be properly adapted to the company's condition and the global standard. This situation leads to multiple concerns such as uncertainty about operational decisions or lack of knowledge on which rules should be reformed.
Therefore, MASON has prepared "ISO Secretariat Outsourcing" as an operational improvement plan. MASON's JISQ9100 consulting services also comes with a complete after-sales follow-up system so they can be used as a tool for continuous improvement after JISQ9100 acquisition, as well as for business and management improvement.

Full support system for JIS operation improvement consulting.

Unlimited consultation on operational concerns via e-mail and telephone.
Customers can consult us with any questions or concerns related to the operation of ISO by e-mail without limitation.
Outsourcing of the ISO secretariat eliminates the risk of overlooking tasks through reduced volume of workload.
When the monthly task to be implemented, as determined by an internal document, comes around, the customer will receive an email confirming the implementation of the task. This eliminates the risk of overlooking the monthly ISO activities.
Can also be applied for items pointed out during inspections.
The customers no longer have to worry about points raised during audits. MASON’s consultants are always available for consultation so they can respond even at short notice.
Customers can select the kind of support needed.
MASON provides onsite support for employee training, etc., which must be implemented in the course of operating JISQ9100.
* Visiting support course
Management consulting for business and operational reforms.
MASON not only complies with the JISQ9100 standard and operate the system, but also supports the development of a system that enables continuous review of the management system as well as business efficiency improvement and expansion while taking the customers’ business into account.
Service Fee Period
100,000 yen 4 months (minimum)

MASON provides services tailored to the customers' needs. Please contact us.

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