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Project managementProject Management

Project Management

Project Management Overview

MASON provides project management services to help customers leverage IT to streamline and integrate business issues.

As the success of systemization projects has become the solution to MASON’s clients' key business challenges, the role of the systemization project manager has become increasingly important. Among them, the execution of multiple project management tasks and collaboration among project managers are critical factors for success in managing large-scale and multiple projects.


As a neutral consulting company, MASON uses its wealth in business know-hows and experience to optimize the customers' IT infrastructure and to provide high performance project implementation.

MASON work with clients to prepare requests for proposals from network and hardware manufacturers as well as to apply the most appropriate technology solutions by taking advantage of MASON’s neutral position and not relying on vendor product strategies.
MASON also offers services that provide both business transformation and system integration in a one-stop service, so we can provide consulting services with business transformation in mind for partial consulting that meets the needs of our clients.

Project Management Service Offerings

Process Management Perspectives

Scope Management
Project scope management identifies goals, objectives, and success factors for each project. Project assumptions and constraints are also clarified prior to the start of the project.
Schedule Management
Based on the WBS, manage and promote the project so that it is delivered within the schedule by clarifying the timeline and schedule management and the dependencies of each task.
Communication Management
Identify internal and vendor communication needs and define communication rules within the project and among stakeholders. Provide appropriately timed reporting to stakeholders and provide project status reports.

Requests from customers, executives, and IT management.

Human Resource and Cost Management Perspectives

Resource Management
Manage resource capacity planning, identifying and classifying the interests of project stakeholders. Ensure project personnel are optimally deployed and reported to stakeholders at a timely manner.
Cost Management
Management of each project budget and support for budget approval to all parties involved
Governance Management
Assist management in identifying and assigning the skill sets of personnel requested for the project, with requests identified to all stakeholders, to ensure continued support by management, and to ensure that people, goods, and money are available on an ongoing basis.

Project Management Flow


Details of work involved in project management

prosess1Management Strategy
External environment analysis, internal environment analysis, management environment analysis, identification of management issues based on internal and external environment, formulation of ideal corporate image, management strategy formulation and development
prosess2IT Strategy
Survey of the latest technology trends (including global surveys), IT strategy planning, IT operational control, and operational efficiency improvement
prosess3IT Resource Procurement
Create and send RFIs (including global), create IT resource requirement definitions, create proposal evaluation criteria, support vendor contract coordination (including SLAs), develop IT implementation schedule
prosess4System and Network Design
Basic design documentation, detailed design documentation, system/network configuration sheets and configuration procedures, operational design, monitoring design
prosess5System/Network construction and testing
Implementation of configuration work, creation of test requirements, examination of pass/fail criteria, creation of test plans, creation of test procedures, unit testing, integration testing
prosess6System/Network Deployment
Delivery and installation of servers and network equipment, parallel operation (temporary operation), production operation
prosess7System and Network Maintenance
Contact person for periodic maintenance (backup, OS patching, startup/shutdown, etc.), receipt and isolation of HW and middleware failures, guidance on failure response procedures, escalation to various vendors, and work management.
prosess8IT Outsourcing
IT cost diagnosis, IT operational control, operational efficiency improvement, new system construction support, external vendor selection support, procurement method study, support for equipment maintenance service content study, support for organizing external and internal roles, server management rules, NW management rules, PC software installation procedure manual, operations during regular and faulty operations Assistance in creating flow and response procedures

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