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IT operational improvementIT Operation Improvement Consulting

IT Operation Improvement Consulting

IT Operation Improvement Consulting Overview

Visualize problems and areas for improvement and develop improvement plans

IT operation improvement consulting visualizes the problems in IT department's system operation and areas for improvement. Our consultants visualize the current situation, develop a To-Be model, and perform a GAP analysis of As-Is and To-Be. Finally, an improvement plan is developed through discussions with the customer. The following images are samples from other companies.

Tasks and Deliverables Image


Task Task Description / Detailed Description Deliverable
Project Management
  • Perform project management tasks through the preparation of coordination documents, issue and risk management, etc. necessary for business improvement
Issue Management Chart
Schedule documents
Organizational Roles
  • Analyze the "organization" and "roles" of the client's operational services through documents and interviews.
  • Organize the current situation in terms of "organization," "roles," and "operational maturity" to determine why overhead is being incurred for the operational services as a whole.

Current Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure
(Internal and external workers)
  • Are there any grey areas in the coordination of work and scope of responsibility between internal and external workers?
  • If there are grey areas, are there any proper management and control in place?
  • If proper command and control are not in place, are the long-term placement factors and number of personnel adequate?

Internal and external development system diagram
Current Status
Issues and Challenges
  • Identify current issues in terms of "organization," "roles," "operational maturity," and "unit cost" in operational services
  • Define areas of focus from the identified issues
  • Are the issues identified potential issues? Are there any problems in addressing the issues?

Issue List
Business Operation System
  • Analyze through interviews of the daily work flow of each person in charge to determine if there are any processes that have become outdated and whether they are being operated in line with the operational environment.
  • Survey through interviews on "which tasks," "how many people," and "how much time are devoted to these tasks”.
  • Through interviews with each person in-charge, further in-depth study of the work of "key personnel" is conducted.
Workflow based on job responsibilities
Current operational shift (by task)

Develop service levels for IT operations

Implement and improve new common management processes and restructure management systems.

IIn operational consulting, the formulation and implementation of measures to improve operational quality is an important success factor for improvement.
In the process of operation improvement, MASON will implement the following:
1) Introduction of Service Level Management
2) Introduction of Service Organization Operation
Customized to meet the needs of the customers, MASON introduces and improves common processes and restructure management systems that can achieve "operational management efficiency" and "service visualization".

Introduction of a program for service quality management Introduction of a program for service organization and system operation
  • Creation of service definitions
  • Define and implement a service management framework
  • Design and implementation of organizational processes
  • Formulation of metrics to measure performance
  • Develop/update SLAs
  • SLO development/update
  • Design and implementation of an operational framework
  • Design and implementation of operational organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities of the service organization and system
  • Develop operational plan for service organization and system
  • Formulate a quality control framework for the services provided
  • Business continuity planning to maintain and improve service levels

Improvement of operation and maintenance service quality

Improvement and implementation of operational processes / Restructuring of operational structure


  • Improving the efficiency of the operation system
  • Visualization of the services provided

MASON provides services tailored to the customers' needs. Please contact us.

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