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Security AuditSecurity Audit

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What is a security audit?

  • Audit whether IT systems are operated based on correct security measures
  • Audit whether IT system assets are properly managed
  • Audit not only the IT system, but also related assets and business processes to ensure that they are managed correctly.

Do you have any of the following problems with security audits?

  • Training to improve security compliance is ad hoc.
  • Countermeasures for individual security issues have been limited.
  • Insufficient security audits are being conducted, with only formal audit records kept for the purpose of maintaining ISO27001 and P-mark certification.
  • Absence of an information security management department.
  • The purpose of security audit is not fulfilled due to lack of know-how.
  • The company wants to reduce risks and improve compliance capabilities by conducting appropriate security audits.

Latest security threat trends and our solutions

The 10 major information security threats have been announced. The rapid increase in cyber attacks has increased the importance of cyber security measures for companies and other organizations.

Information Security 10 Major Threats 2021"
Rank Last Year Individuals Rank Organizations Rank Last Year
1st Fraudulent use of mobile phone payments 1st Damage by ransomware 5th
2nd Fraudulent use of personal information through phishing 2nd Theft of confidential information through targeted attacks 1st
7th Slander, slander, and falsehoods on the Internet 3rd Attacks targeting new-normal work styles such as telework/td> New
5th Money demands through email, SMS, and other threats and fraudulent tactics 4th Attacks that exploit weaknesses in the supply chain 4th
3rd Unauthorized use of credit card information 5th Financial damage due to business email fraud 3rd
4th Misuse of Internet banking 6th Leakage of information due to internal fraud 2nd
10th Stealing personal information from Internet services 7th Business interruption due to unexpected IT infrastructure failure 6th
9th Internet fraud with false alerts 8th Unauthorized login to services on the Internet 16th
6th Damage to smartphone users caused by unauthorized applications 9th Damage caused by inadvertent information leaks, etc. 7th
8th Unauthorized logins to services on the Internet 10位 Increase in exploitation following the release of vulnerability countermeasure information 14th

Source :"Information Security 10 Major Threats 2021," Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan

We utilize our expertise and experience in IT and ISMS consulting to assist companies and organizations in planning, designing, developing, and operating secure information systems, as well as researching, analyzing, evaluating, and planning improvements to the latest security measures.

Internal Fraud and External Threats

It is clear that a high percentage of security incidents, such as information leaks, are caused by internal factors. According to a survey by the Japan Network Security Association, 87% of information leakage incidents in 2014 were caused by internal factors. We provide appropriate consulting services to control risks caused by internal factors and prevent information leaks and other incidents before they occur.

Service Overview

Identification of current issues, visualization of security risks, and schedule formulation
The current security status of the IoT and control systems of the company introducing this service will be understood and visualized using "NSF for IoT". We then conduct a cross-sectional evaluation and analysis of the actual state of security for each infrastructure and contract, and formulate a plan and schedule for security measures.
Security Policy and Rule Formulation
Establish rules, guidelines, etc. to be complied with. We formulate policies, rules, and procedures ranging from general-purpose ones that are common to all businesses to policies, rules, and procedures that are specific to the characteristics of each business.
Security Vulnerability Assessment
By testing the customer's system and PCs for unauthorized intrusion from a hacker's point of view, we identify vulnerabilities and formulate countermeasures to ensure safety.

Service Flow

Service Features

Point1Proposals for improvement activities backed by a group of experienced professionals

We formulate specific improvement activities based on our extensive experience and know-how in supporting information security measures and ISMS certification acquisition for more than 350 large to small companies over the past 12 years.

Point2Framework and checklist based on the latest security trends

We provide information security checklists based on our extensive security consulting experience, the knowledge of our external security experts and ISMS lead auditor, and a framework based on the latest cyber attacks and threat trends.

Point3Security Risk Assessment by Experts

We conduct on-site interviews, survey the current situation including case studies of other companies, and conduct security diagnosis from the perspective of the organization, service, and IT.

What is a SOC report?

SOC report is an abbreviation for "System and Organization Controls.
It is a report used to confirm the status of internal controls at outsourcing companies.

Mason provides assurance on internal controls for security by issuing a certificate of assurance on internal controls related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy (SOC Report).

MASON provides services tailored to the customers' needs. Please contact us.

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MASON has acquired ISO27001 certification.

MASON is committed to implementing security measures in accordance with the Guidelines for Information Security Measures for Small and Medium Enterprises.