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Robotic Process AutomationRPA Implementation Consulting Services

RPA Implementation Consulting Services

What is RPA?

Record the operations on the computer and software-based robots that work in place of humans
(Robotics Process Automation)

Features of RPA

Performs routine on-site work on behalf of the customer

Management Strategies Expanding from RPA

MASON offers a wide variety of IT solutions to promote the customers' growth.

Quickly deliver tangible business innovation results at a low price.

While improving operational efficiency is one of the top priorities of companies, many relatively small operations still rely on manual labor due to cost and inaccessibility.

MASON offers a business innovation service that promotes business automation using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tools in order to increase productivity in back-office departments and promote effective use of human resources.

Challenges in white-collar work

While business process reengineering and the introduction of large-scale systems have enabled companies to improve the efficiency of high-volume, routine tasks, many smaller tasks are still handled by human labor for various reasons.

Direction of solution by RPA tools

Even operations that are "small in volume," "change frequently," or "cannot be standardized," which are difficult to handle with conventional system development methods, can be made more efficient by utilizing RPA tools.

Service Overview

The RPA Business Reform Service combines RPA tools with MASON’s business reform know-how. MASON will implement swift business reforms with on-site involvement by utilizing our extensive experience in a wide range of business reforms.

Target Business

It is possible to automate a wide range of tasks that occur across applications, such as ERP, webmail, file servers, and Excel on the desktop, which could not be automated in the past. Because the robot organizes a series of work flows and reference information, and memorizes and automates them, no coding or other system development is required.
Therefore, it is possible to automate tasks that are difficult to handle with conventional system development methods, such as "small volume of work," "multiple configurations," and "difficult to standardized".

Examples of target operations and tasks

Service Flow

In the simple effectiveness diagnosis, the target tasks to be robotized are identified, and the effect of man-hour reduction and development costs are estimated.

In the trial implementation, two to three robots are introduced to verify the effectiveness of the robot in the actual environment, and after verifying the effectiveness of the robot, MASON proceeds to full-scale implementation.

MASON provides services tailored to the customers' needs. Please contact us.

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