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The quality of the response in the event of a business interruption has a critical impact on the reputation of the company in question. Failure to respond may lead to loss of customers to competitors or decrease in market share.

Natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, fires), security crimes/accidents, IT system failures, operational errors, and other unexpected events, as well as planned system outages such as scheduled maintenance, can disrupt operations and cause significant losses for companies and organizations in the business environment. There are a number of threats that can be anticipated. Continuing business operations against such risks has become a major challenge in business management.

事Having a business continuity plan in place increases the corporate value and trust from the customers and stakeholders.

In the event of a business interruption, the quality of the response can have a critical impact on the company's reputation, and failure to respond can lead to a loss of customers to competitors or a decrease in market share.
On the other hand, having a business continuity plan in place will help increase the corporate value and earn the trust of customers and stakeholders.

Service Features

Extensive experience in business continuity consulting
Extensive experience in business continuity planning (BCP) for companies
Creation of a business continuity plan tailored to your requirements
Provide business continuity consulting services that meet your needs in light of your industry and business type, such as initial response planning, crisis response construction, IT system continuous operation support, and ISO 22301 certification acquisition.
Marketing Strategy
hrough market research, analysis of competitor trends, analysis of customer needs, and analysis of strengths and weaknesses, we formulate strategies for expanding sales to whom, what services to provide, and under what revenue model.
MASON also provides consulting services to support compliance with ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management System).
ISO 22301, the international standard for requirements for business continuity management systems, has been published.
MASON's ISO 22301 compliance support consulting services provide comprehensive support for certification acquisition, from the BCMS establishment stage to undergoing audits.

Flow of BCP Consulting

Flow of Certification Consulting Support Contents
1. Basic Policy Formulation Phase
Creation of business continuity policy, responsibilities, authority, and structure
2 .Current Status/Gap Analysis Phase
Understand the current situation (operations, flow, suppliers, sales partners, contractors, etc.) Business impact analysis (to understand the impact of disasters, etc.), and Identification of priority operations, acceptable recovery time, etc., and risk analysis
3. Plan Preparation Phase
Business continuity strategy study, preparation of BCP/BCM documents
4. On-site operation Phase BCP/BCM testing, effectiveness evaluation, and improvement review

Service Fee

Service Fee Period
800,000 yen 4 months (minimum)



What is BCP?
A business continuity plan (BCP) is a plan that identifies an organization's exposure to internal and external threats and integrates hardware and software assets to provide effective prevention and recovery measures for the organization.
What is BCM?
Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a concept that evolved from the idea of business continuity planning and supports the execution of corporate activities to sustain critical business operations in the event of any threat.

About ISO 22301

ISO 22301 is an international standard for business continuity management systems (BCMS), and ISO 22301 was published on May 15, 2012. ISO 22301 specifies the requirements for developing and operating an effective business continuity management system (BCMS).
MASON's consulting services for ISO 22301 compliance provides comprehensive support for certification acquisition, from the BCMS establishment stage to undergoing external audits. MASON can also provide consultation upon request on improvements to be made after the audit.

MASON provides services tailored to the customers' needs. Please contact us.

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