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Privacy MarkP Mark Certification

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What is Privacy Mark?

The P Mark standard was amended in December 2017 and a new standard (JISQ15001:2017) was released; companies that have already obtained the P Mark must comply with the new standard and review the internal documents currently in place.

What will change as a result of the P Mark revision?

In order to reduce the risk of personal information leaks, companies will be required to create a new environment.
There are three main changes:

  • The main body of P Mark standard has the same structure as the ISO standard, and the requirements have changed significantly.
  • The requirements of the standard should now be part of the "Annex".
  • Recommended actions in safety management are now also included in the Annex.

Flow of Obtaining P Mark certification

MASON will set up a possible P-Mark consulting schedule based on the customers' request availability, but the standard time frame is approximately 8 months.

1. Establishment of P Mark System
  • Identification of current personal information assets
  • Risk assessment
  • Personal information protection policy development and documentation
2. Preparation and Review of P Mark
  • Conduct internal auditor training and issue certificates for internal audit committee members.
  • Internal Audits
  • Assistance in conducting management reviews
3. Submission of P Mark documents for external audit
4. Audit Response
  • Responding to issues raised during document review
  • Mock practice before P Mark audit
  • On-site audit
  • Response to findings after onsite audit
5. Acquisition of P Mark certification
6. Post-P Mark Audits
  • Support for P Mark maintenance and renewal audits.

MASON's Service Plans

MASON offers three service plans to suit the customers’ needs and budget.

* MASON offers a co-creation plan with enhanced training for the customers’ employees.
* If the customers would like an immediate acquisition, MASON can obtain certification in as short as 3 months (Some prerequisites may apply.)

1. Standard Plan

Document preparation service
Recommended if the customers want to minimize costs and reduce workload.

Service fee Period Additional fee
780,000 yen Approx. 4 months None

2. Full Outsource Plan

One year of reliable support after P Mark certificate acquisition.
Recommended if the customer is anxious about maintenance audits after obtaining ISO certification and want to establish ISO operations in-house.

Service fee Period Additional fee
1,380,000 yen Approx. 8 months None

3. P-Mark Acquisition + Business Standardization - Business Visualization

MASON can deliver not only ISO acquisition but also business process visualization.

Service fee Period Additional fee
1,500,000 yen Approx. 8 months None

Features of MASON's Service Plans

Extensive personal information protection consulting experience
MASON supports clients with established know-hows based on consulting experience with assisting more than 250 companies to obtain the Privacy Mark. MASON also has experience in a wide range of company sizes from 3 to 10,000 employees.
Personal Information Protection Training for Security Managers and Employees
Based on years of seminars and the latest personal information protection case studies from major companies, MASON provides training on the key points of personal information protection that need to be addressed.
Utilization of documents and manuals based on our experience in compliance with JISQ15001:2017
MASON uses sample documents "Personal Information Protection Manuals, Regulations, Procedures, Forms, etc." tailored to the clients’ industry and company size to improve the clients' understanding of personal information protection and reduce the burden of establishing a Privacy Mark system.

P Mark Operation Improvement Consulting

The most important aspect of the P Mark is its operation after acquisition. The rules established at the time of acquisition must be properly adapted to the company's condition and the world. n such a situation, there are concerns such as difficulty in decision making for operation and confusion on how to revise various documents.

Therefore, MASON offers "P Mark Office Outsourcing" as an operation improvement plan, and since P Mark operation outsourcing has a complete after-sales procedures, it can be used as a tool for continuous improvement after P Mark acquisition, as well as for business and management improvement.

Full support system for P Mark operation improvement consulting

Unlimited consultation by e-mail for operational concerns
Customers can consult with us about any questions or concerns during the operation of the P Mark by e-mail without limitation.
Notification of the tasks to be done on a regular basis
P-Mark will send an email to confirm the implementation of the tasks to be implemented when the month comes, which is decided in the internal document. This eliminates the possibility of overlooking the tasks to be done.
Can also be applied to non-compliant items identified after audits.
MASON has a number of P-Mark consultants, so even if the customers need help at short notice, our team will be there.
Customers can select the kind of support needed.
MASON provides onsite support for employee training, etc., which must be implemented in the course of operating P Mark.
* P Mark onsite support course
Management consulting for business and operational reforms
Service Fee Period
From 50,000 yen (Minimum) 1 month

MASON provides services tailored to the customers' needs. Please contact us.

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